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What Does Your Jacket Say About Your Personal Style?

Some people feel that jackets are meant to be serviceable, rather than contemporary, stylish, or trendy.

At Streette, we beg to differ! We say that modern style should be classy, fun, and absolutely comfortable!

As proof, you only have to look at our modern denim jean jacket. This light blue urban style jacket has a classic collar, dual chest pockets, a nicely worn look, and an overall classic fit. It can look impressive no matter what you are wearing with it. It is a clothing option that looks outstanding whether you are at the club, at school, or simply tackling everything your day brings.

We urge you to use our streetwear to express your fashion sense and your personal style. We have the X Jacket for those who prefer a little hip hop style, but we also offer a more casual look that may appeal to anyone that wants to be calm, cool, and collected in their clothing style.

If you want to be a trendsetter and be uniquely you, the Autumn, Flowers, or Feathers jackets may be ideal for you. All three are appealing to see and very comfortable to wear. They are also very versatile in what you can accessorize them with. They will work well with casual jeans and sneakers or they can be dressed up with khakis. You pick your outfit and these hooded jackets will simply add more style to your wardrobe.

Our exclusive coats are as sharp and trendy as the people who wear them. Therefore, we want to make sure you get exactly what you want. Our jackets have convenient sizing charts available that tell you the shoulder width, chest size, length in the vest, and sleeve length. This makes it easy to know you are getting the right size. Most have different color options available as well so that you can more easily express your personal style.